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3rd August 2023

Endurance Trail

Looking for your running adventure through the night? Then the 92 kilometers of the KAT100 Endurance Trail by UTMB is the one for you.

Race Category


Running Stones



92 KM

Elevation Gain

5110 M+

Start Date

3rd August 2023

Start Time


Max Allowed Race Time

28 Hours 30 Minutes

Looking for your Running Adventure through the Night?

Then go for the 92 kilometers of the Endurance Trail. After a challenging climb, you'll be rewarded with a spectacular sunset at the summit of the Wildseeloder. Past the brightly lit Jakobskreuz, the trail takes you through a demanding night. The last challenge in the darkness is the climb to the Kitzbüheler Horn, where you will be greeted with a breathtaking sunrise.